Welcome to Eco-Solids International

Cellruptor ® Disruption Process

An innovative, low cost cell disruption technology for the enhanced operational and economic efficiency of anaerobic digestion systems.

Wastewater & Leachate

A flexible package process plant using hybrid aerobic biological technology for the treatment of landfill leachate and low flow industrial effluents.

The Eco Solids process

The Eco-Solids® Process is a continuous process for converting municipal, agricultural and industrial biosolids (wastewater, sewage, cess and septic sludges) into an enhanced treated material without nuisance odours.

Specialists in Anaerobic Digestion Process Enhancement, Sewage Sludge Stabilisation, Wastewater Treatment, and Biomass Processing for energy

ECO-SOLIDS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has a range of process technologies for the effective treatment of organic feedstocks and contaminants, to provide energy recovery, material recycling and waste treatment.

Eco-Solids International Limited holds exclusive world-wide and patented rights, outside of North America, to two leading-edge wastewater and sewage sludge treatment technologies in The Eco-Solids Process and Cellruptor. We also have process technology for the treatment of wastewaters.

ECO SOLIDS specialises in the following three processes:

  • The Eco Solids Process For efficient, odour-free, sludge stabilisation
  • Cellruptor Cell disruption process for the disintegration of feedstock biomass
  • Wastewater & Leachate Processes using hybrid technology